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Special Deal: European TV in Florida

Special Offer for Home Owners: In cooperation with, 123Cape offers the option of adding European TV in your vacation home. Enjoy around 250 of the best TV channels from the UK/France/Germany/Russia/Italy/Turkey in HD quality, from blockbuster movies, TV series, entertainment, shows, music, sports, news, information…  something for everyone, including adult channels.

The program is available as an annual subspription for $495 (only $41.25 per month). Arrive in Florida and start watching your favorite shows from overseas. Everything is already set up for you. Your guests will appreciate the service as well. Minimum rental period: 365 days. Offer valid for Cape Coral properties. For vacation homes not located in Cape Coral, please visit our website . Thank you.

Don’t delay – order your TV entertainment now for your upcoming stay in Florida!

More than a Bunch of Flowers: The Naples Botanical Garden

Naples is famous for million dollar homes, a vast number of cultural programs and the high-end shops along Fifth Avenue. And yet, only a few minutes away from the pulsating life of the city, a quiet oasis awaits, the Naples Botanical Garden. Unspoiled nature and landscaped gardens with different themes are combined into a beautiful attraction that is well worth visiting.

After years of planning, the Naples Botanical Garden opened in November 2009 and was expanded a few years later. The spacious garden offers seven themed areas: Florida, Brazil, the Caribbean, and Asia showcase native trees and wildflowers. The water garden is a serene landscape dotted with water lilies, while ”The Preserve,” a conservation area, presents a piece of old Florida in its original state. Particularly well-done is the Children’s Garden, which includes a tree house, water playground and butterfly house.


You don’t have to be a passionate botanist to be captivated by this beautifully designed garden and its floral splendor. Winding walkways invite the visitor to stroll around for hours. One of the paths leads around a lake – you might spot a small alligator or two – and continues along the nature preserve, where an observation tower (easily accessible by ramp) allows wide views of the untouched landscape. Here, time does stand quite still.

The garden is not just a feast for the eyes, but also offers a number of educational programs for children and adults, from garden design, preservation, and photography to bird-watching and more. If you are ready to take a break from outlet mall shopping and boating tours, you’ll find the necessary peace and serenity right here.

Please note: Due to the construction of the new visitor center, the Garden will be closed from June to October 2014. The grand opening is scheduled for 10/23/14.




Naples Botanical Garden

4820 Bayshore Drive, Naples FL 34112

PH: 239-643-7275



Opening Hours: Daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm



 (May 2014)


The German Connection: Nonstop, for 20 years – RSW has kept its Dusseldorf destination for two decades

NEWS-PRESS  April 6, 2014

Written by Laura Ruane.

A recent nine-hour-plus journey is about to end at Southwest Florida International Airport. / Jack Hardman/The News-Press

Southwest Florida International Airport will toast the 20th anniversary of scheduled flights between Dusseldorf, Germany, and Fort Myers on Tuesday. Departing passengers will enjoy complimentary cupcakes, iced in either the black, red and gold of the German flag or in Old Glory’s red, white and blue. But the really sweet part for Southwest Florida is the longstanding and commerce relationships the air service brought.

European visitors are big business for Southwest Florida. In 2013, an estimated 471,000 visited Lee County alone, spending more than $390 million while here. Collier County drew an estimated 254,000 European visitors last year, spending an estimated $93.5 million.

Those estimates from county tourism statisticians don’t include an inestimable number of local real estate and business investments made by Europeans, some of whom came via the nonstop service.

The first flight on April 7, 1994, was “an absolute long shot,” said Bob Ball, Lee County Port Authority executive director, since “we were a real small town in a real small region with a population of about 1.2 million,” Ball said.

At first, the local airport didn’t have any Customs Service staff based here. But the German flights, first with LTU International Airways and later with Air Berlin after it purchased LTU, prospered. Over the past 20 years, more than 1.2 million passengers have flown the direct Fort Myers-Dusseldorf route.

Total passengers in 2013 didn’t set a record: That occurred in 2010, when 90,450 made the trip. This winter, Air Berlin scheduled four weekly flights,  bringing roughly 1,200 people over a week. Some are tourists, some are part-time residents who return to Europe periodically.

Europeans “probably would not have found Cape Coral so easily if there were no direct flights,” said Bodo Kleber, a German immigrant whose 123 Cape business conglomerate caters to internationals and provides vacation home, boat and car rentals, property management, home renovations and real estate sales.

Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres and Fort Myers are popular locals for Europeans buying vacation homes, Kleber said.

“It’s not just the Germans who come here. With connections to Dusseldorf, we’ve seen a big increase in Central Europeans,” said Darrin Schutt. He’s a Cape Coral-based attorney specializing in immigration law and often counsels international visitors who want to establish second homes and businesses in the region.

Dusseldorf is Air Berlin’s main hub. Roughly 58 locations in Europe, Asia and Africa have flights there, according to Ball. To be sure, not all visitors come via Dusseldorf and Air Berlin, which remains the local airport’s only European service. A more-typical pattern for first-time European vacationers is to start their Florida vacations in Orlando or Miami, and then pop over by car for a few days. Repeat visitors, and those who buy homes or go into business here, often value the convenience of the nonstop service between Fort Myers and Dusseldorf, a city of nearly 600,000 in Northern Germany.

Fort Myers Beach restaurateur Axel Wimmer said he’d rather fly nonstop from Fort Myers, followed by a one-hour commuter flight from Dusseldorf to his former hometown of Stuttgart, than hang out at Atlanta-Hartsfield for two hours or longer.

Wimmer is one of the international vacationers who’s stayed. During family vacation 2009, “we liked the area so much, I bought (a) house in Cape Coral that same year. Then, we decided to try a restaurant business.” That’s Heidi’s Island Bistro in Gulfview Shops on Fort Myers Beach.

“Eighty to 90 percent of our customers are Americans that somehow have a connection with Germany,” Wimmer said, adding the rest are Europeans “on holiday in America for two or three weeks and are ready for a taste of home.”

Twenty years after LTU’s first flight here, Southwest Florida International has year-round service to Dusseldorf, Germany, and Toronto — and seasonal service to Montreal and Ottawa. An attempt by a startup travel company to bring direct service between Fort Myers and Cancun last year foundered before the first flight could occur.

For the near-term, Ball sees the airport reaching a plateau in air service. Keeping German nonstop service for 20 years means “the traffic is there, and the airport is treating the airline correctly,” said Mike Boyd, a Colorado-based aviation analyst.

It’s “a home run,” Boyd said, “that says a lot about the Fort Myers-Naples market and the airport.”

Real estate rebounds in dramatic fashion in 2013 (NEWS-PRESS article)

Real estate rebounds in dramatic fashion in 2013

Foreclosures fall, construction soars as recovery continues

January 2, 2014

Written by Dick Hogan


Lee County permits to build new homes in 2013 spiked up 40 percent while foreclosures fell 45 percent in 2013 as the area’s given-up-for-dead residential construction industry roared back to life. But with the burst of activity came some old worries: a tight labor market, ever more expensive building materials and the prospects of higher interest rates.


For the year, builders pulled permits to put up 2,386 single-family homes compared to 1,707 in 2012.

Meanwhile, statistics released Thursday by the Southwest Florida Real Estate Investment Association showed that foreclosures fell from 7,600 to 4,212 in the same period as the firestorm of failed mortgages by homeowners and investors gradually burned itself out.


All in all, builders were happy with the sudden availability of work. “I tell you, it’s picking up pretty good and of course there are more new builders that have taken the opportunity,” said Bob Knight, vice president and co-owner of Cape Coral-based Paul Homes. Still, he said, as the market heats up, “We’re running into some issues. There’s not enough labor out there now. There have been price increases all over the place” for materials as well as wages.


Randy Thibaut, president of Fort Myers-based Land Solutions, said several factors combined to create a more energetic market. Chief among them, he said, was “the cheap money for mortgages and the fear that they would be going up, so you have a lot of buyers, particularly young and first move-up buyers, concerned that if interest rates went up much they’d be out of affordability.” Many of those buyers “had the down payment and had gone through the two-year period they had before they were allowed to apply for a mortgage again” after a foreclosure or short sale destroyed their credit, Thibaut said.


That trend was amped up by the fact that there’s pent-up demand for new housing because few new homes were built in the years since home prices collapsed at the end of 2005, he said. It’s not a situation that can last forever, he said. “What happens is that it’s clear interest rates will eventually have to increase” as the Federal Reserve scales back its efforts to keep money cheap. “For every point the interest rate goes up, say for an average house in Lee County, a $250,000 house, that’s $20,000 less borrowing power the buyer has,” Thibaut said. For bigger houses the effect is dramatic, he said. “If you’re at 4 percent and it goes to 5 for a $2 million house, you say, ‘Wow, that adds up.’^”


Jeff Tumbarello, director of the real estate investment association and an agent with North Fort Myers-based Steelbridge Realty, said one problem that isn’t coming back soon is the prevalence of foreclosures that drove down prices as foreclosed homes came pouring back on the market after prices fell apart.

Most of the people vulnerable to a foreclosure have already lost their homes, he said.


But ongoing economic uncertainty may have an effect on how strongly the baby boomers’ retirement plans continue to support this market as boomers decide how long to work before retiring and buying a home here, he said.

Lions and Tigers and Dinos, Oh My: Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom is more than just a zoo! The fourth Disney theme park in Florida opened in 1998 and is the only park where not all the animals are made from plastic. You can meet real elephants and tigers, as well as real-looking dinosaurs and even a yeti. The park is huge and rarely crowded. If you’ve had enough of princesses at the Magic Kingdom, you’ll find a delightfully different world here.

The Animal Kingdom consists of six different areas: Discovery Island is the center of the park, with the widely visible “tree of life” in the middle. This is where you can enjoy the 3-D Show It’s Tough to be a Bug, which manages to be funny and educational and traumatizing for young children at the same time. I must admit that I, too, close my eyes when the huge spi… but go see for yourself.

In Africa, definitely go on the Kilimanjaro Safaris. On a 20 minute truck ride through the savannah, you’ll see a huge number of antelope, birds, hippos, elephants, water buffaloes, lions, giraffes and many other animals. Each safari is different because the animals roam free (not the lions, presumably). This ride is a wonderful experience each and every time. You also don’t want to miss the Pangani Exploration Forest Trail that winds through aviaries and areas where you’ll meet gorillas and other animals.

The Wildlife Express train starts from Africa the towards Rafiki’s Planet Watch. This slow-moving train takes you into a separate area that is pretty much a petting zoo and an animal exhibit with a strong preservation message. It’s a relaxing intermission.

Two of the best attractions of the park can be found in Asia: Kali River Rapids, a white water ride on large rafts where you will get rather wet, and Expedition Everest, a roller coaster that takes you, amongst other things, backwards at high speed through a dark cave, twirling through a helix, with the yeti lurking. Having a good stomach is an advantage. The queue is ingeniously designed as a yeti museum and expedition store and worth going through even if the ride does not appeal to you. Nearby, the beautiful Maharajah Jungle Trail leads past among old ruins and tigers,

Dinoland USA is as an often misunderstood area. It consists of the modern Dino Institute where you can take a trip back to the Cretaceous period on Dinosaur – careful, it’s pretty wild ride – and county fair type attractions presented by “Chester & Hester”.  The underlying concept is that after the institute was founded, the local gas station owners (Chester & Hester) decided to milk the arriving tourists by building cheesy attractions right next door. Many park visitors think that they’re exactly that – cheesy – but once you know the background story, it all makes sense and the area is actually really well themed.

Camp Mickey-Minnie is currently undergoing huge changes. Originally planned as the “Beastly Kingdom” with dragons and unicorns, the concept fell victim to budget cuts – truly a shame. Only the park logo still shows a dragon. Instead, the area was turned into a meet-and-greet mecca where you could see Mickey and other characters. The highly entertaining Festival of the Lion King was also located in this area. However, both the show and Mickey moved (the show hasn’t reopened yet as the new theater is still being built) and the entire area will be converted into the new “Avatarland”, based on the blockbuster movie with the blue creatures (no, not the Smurfs!). The project was announced in 2011 but nothing much has happened since then. Disney is currently investing horrendous sums into their new MyMagic+ system and building new attractions has sadly not been a priority for a long time.

UPDATE April 2014: FastPass+. This new system was introduced in 2013 and allows visitors to reserve a time window for three attractions online, up to 60 days in advance with a valid park ticket and a Disney hotel reservation (30 days in advance if you have a ticket but won’t be staying at a Disney hotel.) Those who purchase their tickets on the day of their visit can make the reservations at a FP+ kiosk inside the park. FP+ shortens the wait time at the attractions, since you don’t have to wait in the regular Standby line. This frequently criticized system originally limited the number of FP+ to three per day –  in one park, without the option to book the same ride more than once, which caused an uproar amongst loyal Disney visitors. Luckily, this rule was changed at the end of April 2014. After the use of the third FP+, it is now possible to reserve a fourth FP+ at one of the kiosks in the park, then a fifth and so on. Obviously this all depends on availability. Please note: There is no charge for the FastPass+!

Last but not least a few general hints how to make the visit to Disney World a success:

1.     Pick the best day: or

2.     Arrive early: The first two hours after park opening are usually the least crowded

3.     Use FastPass+: Reserve rides in advance


4.     Reserve a table: Restaurant reservations are possible 180 days in advance

5.     Take a midday break: A good idea especially in the summer

6.     Relax and have fun!

 (December 2013)

Busch Gardens: Fun for the Whole Family

Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida is a popular theme park with numerous exotic animals, mostly from Africa, and innovative roller coasters, mostly for daredevils. The park opened in 1959 and is older than Disney World (the Magic Kingdom lowered its drawbridge in 1971, figuratively speaking). It started out as a small hospitality facility for the Busch Brewery, well-known for its Budweiser beer. At first just a few birds fluttered around the Bird Gardens, and visitors enjoyed their beer in relaxed surroundings, but over time the whole thing developed into a huge park and a real mecca for roller coaster enthusiasts.


The Bird Gardens are still there, the beer tasting has unfortunately vanished, but now the park offers groundbreaking rides such as “Montu”, back then (1996) the largest and fastest inverted roller coaster. According to expert opinion (i.e. my two teenagers) it’s still one of the best coasters around. Since 2011, “Cheetah Hunt” races through the Serengeti with three launches and speeds of up to 60 mph. “Kumba” is a classic with seven inversions. If you ride “Sheikra”, be prepared to dive straight at the ground. Not for the faint of heart obviously. But again the experts agree that this is great fun.

If you prefer a more sedentary type of fun, or perhaps you’re too small to ride the big coasters, the beautifully designed animal exhibits will provide their own form of entertainment. From gorillas to giraffes, elephants and tigers, everything is there. Pathways wind through the exhibits, or take the train for a leisurely trip through the park. Young visitors can enjoy a separate, Sesame Street themed area with a huge climbing playground and several rides. On hot days, the three water rides are particularly welcome. As far as the landscaping goes, the park is a feats for the eyes.

If there is anything negative to report, it’s probably the food, which seems to exclusively consist of typical fast food – but then again, which theme park offers gourmet meals? The other thing is that you have to put bags, hats, backpacks etc. in a locker before boarding a roller coaster, which in itself is fine and also required at Universal Studios, for example. The difference is that over there, the first half hour is free while you pay 50 cents every time here. That gets old really fast, especially since you shelled out quite a bit for the ticket. Today, in November 2013, a day ticket runs a whopping $89. (There are sometimes better deals online or combo tickets with Sea World.)

Busch Gardens manages the almost impossible feat of appealing to the whole family, from adults to kids of all ages and especially teenagers. It’s a bit over two hours from Cape Coral to get there, perfect for a day trip. We can definitely recommend it.

Opening hours and ticket prices are listed on the website

(November 2013)


Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Wild Rides Ahead

The third Disney park in Florida opened its gates in 1989 after a tight race with Universal Studios, which opened a year later. Originally called Disney-MGM Studios, the park started out as an active film and TV studio with several rides for visitors. It eventually changed into an outright theme park and was renamed Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2007.

The park offers some of the best attractions in all of Disney World. Experience an elevator in free fall in the Tower of Terror, going up and down multiple times. The setting is an old Hollywood hotel and it’s themed so beautifully that even those who turn pale at the thought of riding this thing may want to go through the queue. Right before entering the elevator, you can use the “chicken exit” and avoid the ride.

The Rock’n’Rollercoaster starring Aerosmith is, as the name suggests, a rollercoaster running to the rock songs of that band, taking you to their next concert, at least that’s the background story. The ride takes place in the dark with neon effects so you don’t really see the loops until they’re there – which is a good thing if you’re not all that crazy about roller coasters. Before you realize you’re upside down, you’re back to normal again. The ride is very smooth and the rocket start is very cool.

The most popular ride is Toy Story Midway Mania where you shoot virtual balls at virtual targets and collect points. The line is always very long and you should either ride first thing in the morning or collect a FastPass.

In addition, the park offers an Indiana Jones Stunt Show, a trip through old Hollywood film in the Great Movie Ride, a Beauty and the Beast theater performance “only interesting for girls” (or so my son informed me), a funny Muppet Show in 3-D (definitely suitable for boys, too), and many others. A real insider tip is the Animation Station where you’ll learn to draw one of many Disney characters. The nighttime entertainment show Fantasmic is an impressive combination of theater, fireworks and special effects, but it’s not shown every night so make sure you check the schedule.

The Star Tours ride is another fun ride. You fly through space on a transporter piloted by C3PO (ok it’s just a simulator, but it’s really well done). There are several variations and if you “fly” several times, you may see different planets and meet different characters from the Star Wars movies – sometimes even Darth Vader.

Speaking of Star Wars: Each year, four weekends in May and June are dedicated to the Star Wars theme in Hollywood Studios. For Star Wars fans a ton of fun! Others may want to avoid the park on these days, as it will be very crowded.

Like all the Disney parks, Hollywood Studios are beautifully decorated at Christmastime. What makes the park extra special is an entire street draped in colorful Christmas lights, which is truly spectacular. Christmas music will put you in the perfect mood for the holidays.


UPDATE April 2014: FastPass+. This new system was introduced in 2013 and allows visitors to reserve a time window for three attractions online, up to 60 days in advance with a valid park ticket and a Disney hotel reservation (30 days in advance if you have a ticket but won’t be staying at a Disney hotel.) Those who purchase their tickets on the day of their visit can make the reservations at a FP+ kiosk inside the park. FP+ shortens the wait time at the attractions, since you don’t have to wait in the regular Standby line. This frequently criticized system originally limited the number of FP+ to three per day –  in one park, without the option to book the same ride more than once, which caused an uproar amongst loyal Disney visitors. Luckily, this rule was changed at the end of April 2014. After the use of the third FP+, it is now possible to reserve a fourth FP+ at one of the kiosks in the park, then a fifth and so on. Obviously this all depends on availability. Please note: There is no charge for the FastPass+!

Last but not least a few general hints how to make the visit to Disney World a success:

1.     Pick the best day: or

2.     Arrive early: The first two hours after park opening are usually the least crowded

3.     Use FastPass+: Reserve rides in advance

4.     Reserve a table: Restaurant reservations are possible 180 days in advance

5.     Take a midday break: A good idea especially in the summer

6.     Relax and have fun!

(October 2013)

Starstruck: The Kennedy Space Center

The world famous Kennedy Space Center is located on Merritt Island on Florida’s East Coast, about four hours of drive time away from Cape Coral. That makes it a bit too far for a daytrip, but if you are planning to spend a few days on the other coast anyway, perhaps to see Miami Beach or explore St. Augustine (the oldest continuously occupied town in the U.S.), you may want to consider visiting the Space Center as well.

The Space Center is truly well worth a visit. From a large exhibition about the history of early space exploration to a real Saturn rocket (it’s huge!), from a tour of the old control room (with an entertaining countdown) to a bus tour near the launch pads, nowhere else will you be able to see and experience these things. You can even meet real astronauts and watch a movie about the Hubble space telescope in the IMAX theater.

Children of all ages are bound to have a really good time, too. Young visitors can entertain themselves with games and a labyrinth in the “Angry Birds” building. Older kids will have a blast in the launch simulator. And no doubt all of them will find the items on display quite fascinating, such as the copy of the lunar module, space suits and numerous rocket parts. And then there’s Atlantis

Since June 2013, one of the actual and now retired Space Shuttles is on display at the Kennedy Space Center. Needless to say, the old girl wasn’t just parked somewhere on the property, no, a huge building was constructed around it. Before you get to see Atlantis, you’ll learn about the development of the shuttle program in a short film. Then you’ll enter the next room, where the shuttle seems to glide weightlessly towards you. It’ll take your breath away. What a difference between watching the shuttle on TV and in real life. Truly impressive, both the presentation and Atlantis itself.

The ticket price is a painful $50, and parking is another $10. Sometimes there are special offers, which you’ll find on the official website, together with information about opening hours, directions etc. It’s not a cheap experience. But it is without a doubt one of the most unique experiences you’ll ever have.

(September 2013)



An Evening at „Ford’s Garage“

Ford’s Garage restaurant opened its new location in Cape Coral in the summer of 2013, and we recently spent an enjoyable evening there.

You may have heard the saying a burger is “just” a burger, but you’ll find that’s definitely not the case at Ford’s Garage. Your taste buds will be dancing with delight when you order one of their famous (and huge) burgers: Choose from Black Angus & American Kobe, turkey, chicken, tuna, seafood or vegetarian, coupled with all natural aged cheeses and gourmet toppings. Ford’s Garage also serves a variety of entrees including steaks, pasta, and ribs. Their lighter fare features crispy salads (again: huge!), grilled chicken, turkey and fresh fish.

To quench your thirst, Ford’s Garage offers over 100 different types of bottled craft beers and over 20 drafts with a heavy influence of American craft beers from all around the country.

Once you’re done eating, be sure to walk around and check out the memorabilia hanging on the walls. Have your picture taken by the antique Ford cars or truck that hang over the two bar areas. The automobile theme continues everywhere you look, from the napkins (striped rags, and the napkin ring is a hose clamp) to the faucet in the bathroom (a gas pump handle).

Ford’s Garage has an established location in Downtown Fort Myers and will shortly be opening a third restaurant at the Miromar Outlets in Estero. At any of these locations, there’s no doubt that you’ll encounter “The Ultimate Burger Experience”!  Oh, did we mention, their fries are so yummy too!  Would we go back…DEFINITELY!  It’s 5-star food at a 4-star price.

1719 Cape Coral Parkway East

Cape Coral, FL 33904

PH: (239) 540-3673


Mon-Wed:   11am – 12am

Thu:              11am – 1am

Fri – Sat:       11am – 2am

Sun:             11am – 10pm

(August 2013)

Housing Prices are on the Rise Again (NEWS-PRESS Article)


Southwest Florida makes Top 10 for housing price increases

Cape-Fort Myers and Naples see increases during 2nd quarter.

Aug. 8, 2013 11:14 PM

Written by Dick Hogan

The Cape Coral-Fort Myers and Naples areas were both in the top 10 nationwide for home-price increases in the second quarter as Southwest Florida’s battered housing industry came back with a vengeance.

A National Association of Realtors survey showed that the Cape Coral-Fort Myers median existing single-family-home sale was up 36.1 percent to $177,900 compared to a year earlier.

Naples was seventh with a 29.3 percent increase to $346,600.

Nationwide, home prices continued to rise in the majority of metropolitan areas in the second quarter, with the national price showing the strongest gain in 7½ years, according to the survey.

“The Naples-Fort Myers market was one of the worst beaten-up markets in the downturn,” said Brad Hunter, chief economist for Metrostudy, a national housing data and consulting firm that maintains statistics on residential construction. “And it’s my view that what drove prices to extremely low levels then let them come up from the bottom faster.”

Brett Ellis, head of The Ellis Team with Re/Max Realty Group in Fort Myers, said prices in Lee County are still rising but not as fast as they did at the beginning of the year.

Still, he said, it’s a seller’s market as the inventory of homes for sale continues to decrease: 4,956 in June compared to 5,448 a year earlier.

“We’ve got buyers that are really looking to buy now because they’re afraid,” Ellis said. “They see the price increases, and they’re also afraid the interest rates are going up.”

He expects prices to continue rising throughout 2013 as those buyers get in the market. “It’s all encouraging, but there are not a lot of choices for buyers.”

Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, said tight inventory is continuing to drive home prices.

Those trends are in force throughout the country, Yun said in a release. “There continue to be more buyers than sellers, and that is placing pressure on home prices, with multiple bids common in some areas of the country.”

Hunter said rising prices likely will stimulate the purchase of homes as owners find themselves able to sell at a good price.

“The higher prices go, the more people are no longer underwater and can pay off their mortgages,” he said. “I do think you’ll see more sellers.”

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